The Lamplighters from Köthen/Germany saw the light of day in 2009 as a group of three. After several adjustments the current line-up exists since 2013 and consists of Schusti and Malzi (guitars/vocals), Ante (bass) and Rico (drums). The boys describe their music as ‘electrically amplified beat music’ which pretty much hits the nail on the head. Their influences range from the RAMONES over HOT WATER MUSIC right up to AGAINST ME! If you want to break it down you could just call it good old punk rock.

While their first self-titled album from 2009 was all about the classical ‘one-two-three-four-1977-style of the Ramones the addition of a second guitar in 2010 eventually gave way to new possibilities of songwriting and musical arrangements. The result of it was the 2011 release ‘Bow & Swing’ which added more variation to the mix. In 2012 the Lamplighters supported the ‘German Stunt Days’ - a racing and motor show - with their song ‘Let’s Go’ which resulted in a music video filmed at the location. However, it took another two years until said song was put on a disc. This happened in early 2014 with the release of ‘Electrical Amplified Beatmusic’ which was received throughout positive and let to comparisons with certain well-known bands from Florida...

Today it’s the year 2015 and another long player is about to be released. It’s name is ‘Views’ and according to the band it is the best album they’ve ever written. In addition, they teamed up with the label No Panic! Records.

In ‘Views’ the band members express their experiences, feelings, fears, dreams and longings. Their songs tell tales of hate, friendship, desperation, faith, love, hope, the cruel world and of course: the Ramones. Things that every punk rocker of every age can relate to. Music and lyrics go equally along and bear the same significance. The Lamplighters are neither an instruments-only band nor mere poetry-writers. Nevertheless, those guys have something to tell us: their way of looking at things - their ‘Views’. The new album might not change the world but maybe it’ll make it more pleasant for forty-five minutes.