THE YOUNG HEARTS - everything we left behind


Formed in 2013, The Young Hearts are an alternative rock band from the South East of Kent, striving to create honest, original and powerful music. Taking influence from post rock, punk and early emo, this four piece have been quickly creating a solid following, despite their short time on the scene. The Young Hearts have an ethos that few bands of their level share; a passion and determination to achieve perfection with their songwriting, believing that the quality of music should stand taller than anything else.

WALK THE PLANK / NO FUN / SUCH GOLD / HARKER - the great escape II


4 way split presented by FLIX Records & NO PANIC! Records

WALK THE PLANK - dying on the vine

Listening to Walk the Plank is like being bit by a spider; it happens fast and leaves you itching. Having cut their teeth in the Washington DC hardcore punk scene, Walk the Plank has since crisscrossed North and Central America with their heartfelt hardcore anthems and are now poised to bring them to Europe, fresh on the heels of their eight song triumph, Perseverancia.

NO FUN - cheescake

NOFUN is a Garage-Punk band from Nuremberg and Berlin. They grew up in Nuremberg's local music scene, but it was only until singer Andreya left to Berlin, that they decided to get together and have NO FUN. Their debut show was a support gig for DIRECT HIT! in an abandoned building and featured a floatable whale as well as a naked dude wearing a wrestling mask. Musicwise it's a weird blend of 80's Punk, traditional Punkrock and Californian Garage-vibes.

SUCH GOLD - choosing cages

Such Gold is a melodic hardcore/punk band from Rochester, New York. Such Gold formed officially in 2009, and self-released "Demo 2009" in the Spring of that year. Such Gold has toured the US extensively, have toured in Australia, Japan, UK/EU, Canada and Costa Rica, and have played a number of festivals including The Fest, Sound and Fury, Bled Fest, SXSW, Blood Sweat and Beers and Groezrock.The band signed to Razor & Tie records in July 2011 where they released their first full-length album, "Misadventures".

HARKER - sometimes dead is better

Brighton (UK) based punkrock for fans of CHAMBERLAIN, ALKALINE TRIO, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN & JIMMY EAT WORLD. 'Harker is making a quick rise after releasing it’s EP “Hours”. What once started as Mark Boniface‘s solo project has formed into a full band. And whilst the band is “gasping for air”, we want to name them in one breath with Brian Fallon/The Gaslight Anthem, Dave Hause/The Loved Ones, Chuck Ragan/Hot Water Music and The Lawrence Arms. They deserve it, and when you have heard Harker’s new song, you will know why too.' (AcoustiXnStones)

Pressing informations:
200 x cyan blue
200 x blood red
100 x milky clear with blue & red splatter

Artwork done by SBÄM Artwork -

RED CAR BURNS - red car burns


The RED CAR BURNS have been growing their sound from the Genitalzs experience, that had been on the scene since several years. The Genitalz were born in 1998, they had changed their members several times, had released a punk rock style demo and definitely had grown stronger after issuing the 7 called Defroid 84 in 2000. The first switch in their sound was created by a new drummer who would define the style of the group, stretching them toward new sounds. Finally the Genitalz released their new CD, recorded for the Decibel Records in 2001. the album is formed from 8 brand-new tracks and a cover of The Smiths. A track from this work was listed in the sampler of Speciale Punk of Rock Sound (a national music magazine) and then several concerts were made in clubs and squat houses all around Italy. Some great gigs are to be mentioned: at the Pac Paciana in Bergamo with the Lonely Kings, at Leoncavallo in Milan and at Pirateria di Porto in Rome with the Digger, at the Mattone Rosso in Vercelli with the Aurora, at Subbuglio in Alessandria with the Eastfield, at the Circolo Giovanile in Appiano (Bolzano) with the Append:x, at the Sga in Arese with the Always Out Numbered, at Lodi with Useless I.D., and many more that we wont mention because of huge neuronal crisis. From 2001 on, the Genitalz also took part in several compilations, such as: Punkina Skassata 2000 and 2001 with opening concerts at the Rainbow in Milan; Riot Records with an opening concert at the Rainbow in Milan. Soniche Avventure vol. 2 issued by the Fridge Records and Punkadeka the compilation vol. 1. In 2002 three of the members of the Genitalz (Mone, Buba and Carlo) together with two friends of them (Pez and Piordo) created a side project called Reverend Judge and recorded a CD (never released) of Indie-Pop sounds (Promise Ring, Braid).

In 2003 the Genitalz locked themselves in their junky rehearsal room in San Colombano al Lambro (MI) and began to write tracks for their new album, which will be out in Autumn 2004 for the Nh-n Records. Since the first listening to their new job The Genitalz finally realized their great potentiality and decided to change their name in Red Car Burns, which doesnt tag their new sound. Their new CD is formed from 11 tracks influenced by some post punk bands from America, such as Hot Water Music, Face to Face and Samiam. Two tours around the Europe in the 2005, another tour around the Europe in the 2006.

THE LOLAS - cynthia


Members: Fraser Clarke (guitar and vocals), Tim Burden (bass), Lewis Wright (drums).

We started around a year ago. We had a few local small pub gigs and recorded a demo after a couple of months. We then started to do bigger and bigger gigs in our home town and started to get a bit of momentum.

We’ve always been about the live show and putting on a good performance, however, there isn't a much better feeling than recording and getting songs sounding exactly how you want them. Which we did around the start of August with a local producer Conor Etteridge at Old School Studios in Norwich.

We think the ep has turned out like a mix between nirvana and oasis which is pretty much what we aim for. I do try and draw some inspiration from The Beatles as much as I can.

We really, really want to get on the road and tour around as many places as possible. And I guess our biggest goal is to make music that people like and can take something from.

BLACK SHEEP - motion pictures


Punk-rock from Belgium.

We exist for more than 10 years, we've already been playing in more than 10 european countries. We have released the first album "Première Conclusion" on February 2008 and a split album with Nina'school in October 2010 on Guerilla Asso Records (FR). The second album "The straight line will take you only to death" was released on june 2012 on Bad Mood Records (CH) and Guerilla Asso Records(FR). Our new album will be out in 2015 !

We've already played with band such as Red City Radio (USA) Dead To Me (USA), Voodoo Glow Skulls (USA), The Flatliners (CA), Antillectual (DE), Rentokill (AUT), Astpai (AUT), Frank Turner (UK), The Filaments (UK), From Plan To Progress (UK), Crazy Arm (UK), Sonic Boom Six (UK), The Arteries (UK), Five Knuckle (UK), Adequate Seven (UK), P.O Box (FR), Nina'school (FR), Charly Fiasco (FR), Dolores Riposte (FR), Guerilla Poubelle (FR), Dirty Fonzy (FR), Uncommommenfrommars (FR), Birds In Row (FR), ...



more informations very soon



Liverpool, England's sloppy punks Big Nothing formed at the end of 2013 from the ashes of Scouts. Made up of Paul Barrow (Scouts/Apple Cannon/Cup), Stephen Jones (Blackyears), Stuart Sinclair (Stereo Virgins) and Matthew Sheldon (Scouts). Bringing their debut EP on the back of a successful tour with pop - punkers Decade. FFO: Superheaven, Nirvana, Silverchair, Reuben.

YEARS AND MILES - lucky in life


Years and Miles formed in the spring of 2014 in Milan. Comprised of familiar faces in the italian scene, the members have been active for nearly 20 years and continue to bring an honest reprisal of 90’s punk rock to the stage. Their amps are loud, the drums are heavy and the voice is always spot on; the live set is never disappointing. Originally performing under the moniker Remover, the band released a cassette in the summer of 2014 with long standing Italian label Indelirium Records. In support of “Luck in Life”, the full-length album due October 2015, Years and Miles will be performing dates nationally and internationally. Check them out now before your friends are telling you that they knew them back when…


08.10.2015 · NPR047

Formed in 2011 in Palermo, Italy, Four Seasons One Day is the essence of the new melodic punk-rock local scene which combines different influences in a unique and well appreciated sound. The group consisting of Pietro Basso on vocals and bass, Valerio Ballarò on guitar and vocals, Davide Di Leo on guitar and drummer Daniele Di Giorgi debuted live few months after forming and found early success via local radio and quickly amassed a devoted hometown following.

In 2013 their first full-length "Brand New Life” produced by Pietro Ventimiglia, better known as Shy Kidx (Epitaph Records) was released for free download. Later the same year, their cover of 'I Miss You' originally by Blink 182 was featured in the 'Stay Together For The Kids' Compilation for Rude Records and in the 2 Virgin Radio’s Compilations “Style Rock Vol.6” and “Revisited Rock Vol.3” both released by Universal Music Italy. Their cover reached the top 10 Italian Rock Chart and gave them a major exposure hitting more than 65 thousands plays over the internet.

After several local appearances, the band signed with Indelirium Records (Italy), No Panic! Records (Germany) for the worldwide release of their 7 songs debut EP titled "Tutti Morti" in April 2014. The new record revealed a new sound more punk / hardcore than before, influenced by bands as Title Fight, Make Do And Mend and Citizens. In support of the release, the band toured Europe. This gave them the opportunity to get noticed by new people and finally expand their fan base. After coming back home they dropped a tour-video for the single 'Holes'.

By 2015, Four Seasons One Day played few hometown shows and came back to work on new music. In June the band entered The Force Studio to record their sophomore EP "In Stone" which will be released worldwide by No Panic! Records on October 8th and will be followed by their second European Tour that will see the band perform as headliners. The first Single 'Barricade' out September 28th.

THE OCTOPUSSYS - leagues below

No Panic! Records / Funtime Records · NPR046

The Octopussys is a 5 piece melodic punkrock band formed in 2005, influenced by the era where bands like Lagwagon, The Offspring, No Use For A Name, Pulley, Ten Foot Pole,… ruled the scene. Combining this style of punkrock with their own and more modern elements was their mission. After playing some shows, getting an extra guitarist and replacing their first singer, they released their first 6-tracked demo in 2008.

Shortly afterwards they went on their first international tour and also performed a lot more at all kinds of Belgian venues. In May of 2009 they released a split cd with the Belgian skatepunk band “State of Mine” on Kickass Records, followed by many gigs in their own country and abroad.

In 2010 the band performed less frequently to focus on writing their first full album "Face The World" which was released in May 2011 on Funtime Records.
The cd had been gracefully reviewed by many critics and still gets the band on more and bigger shows than before.

The band…
• Played over more than 250 shows
• Played in countries like: The Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, France, England,…
• Was programmed alongside bands like: No Use For A Name (US), Refused (SE), Flogging Molly (US), H2O (US), A Wilhelm Scream (US), Silverstein (CA), Useless ID (IL), Authority Zero (US), Rentokill (AT), Heideroosjes (NL), The Undeclinables (NL), The Prodigy (US), Franz Ferdinand (UK), The Kooks (UK), Pendulum (AU), ….
• Played main stage of the biggest festival of Czech Republic on july 5th 2012 (ROCK FOR PEOPLE) with bands like: The Prodigy, Skrillex, Franz Ferdinand, The Kooks, Refused, Flogging Molly, Faith No More,…
• The Octopussys debut album “Face The World” is nominated many times in the top releases of 2011 (for punk/hc) by different magazines from different countries.
• Has made music videos for 3 songs on the Face The world album (“Tonight”, “Summer’s Gone” & Moving On). All video clips have been picked up by BlankTV ( and aired on several TV-channels all over the world.

VARIOUS ARTISTS - ...already heard? - compilation


This compilation is for 'pay what you want' but we really appreciate every donation. We're collecting money for - EVERY single buck is to help kids with cancer!!!

1. Blowfuse - Behind The Wall
2. Cardinals- Dearest
3. Casually Dressed - Scent
4. Coral Springs - Yesterday
5. Darwin And The Dinosaur - Riff Town Population - You
6. Dead Neck - Oriental, I
7. Dowzer - My Number One
8. Ducking Punches - It's been a bad few weeks
9. F.O.D. - Homeward Bound
10. Harker - Gasping For Air
11. Hellwinners - Wired Awake
12. Hightower - Aqua Tiger
13. Lineout - Four Dragons
14. Linterno - The Road
15. Low Derive - Dylarama
16. Midday Committee - Musketeers
17. Nathan Detroit - The Way Down
18. Resolutions - From Death
19. River Jumpers - Boiling Point
20. Snareset - Attraction Of Distraction
21. Stay Gone - Down Home
22. The Deadnotes - Broken Thumbs & Sleepless Nights
23. The Young Hearts - Closer
24. Wank For Peace - Heavy Shoulders
25. Weak Knees - Progress
26. White Stain - Hide And Seek

THE LIBERATION SERVICE - calamity physics

01.09.2015 · NPR044

Formed in 2009, The Liberation Service are 5 piece power pop band from Graz, Austria. The Liberation Service whole heartedly combine the searing DIY Punk Rock passion of Defiance, Ohio and the awe inspiring song writing of The Weakerthans, whilst tying it together with all the harmony and beauty of Bright Eyes and the lightheartedness of Pavement.

After gigging hard across the whole of Austria in 2009/10, The Liberation Service unleashed their début album “Hearts Unchained” in 2011 and began bringing their unique Folk Punk sound to the rest of the world. Despite continuing line up changes, The Liberation Service remained out in the world touring through East and Western Europe, as well as the U.K. with bands like Woahnows, High Dive or Crazy Arm and even found the time to release 2 Split 7"s.

In Winter 2014 The Liberation Service finally recorded their 2end Album "Calamity Physics", which is due to be released in September 2015.

Their relentless determination, paired with their unshakeable ability to smile when things go wrong and to laugh when they go right, makes The Liberation Service one of the most exciting and heart warming bands in Europe's ever thriving Punk network, and a band that should be close within your radar.



Flatline Walkers are a 4 piece melodic Punk Rock band based in Freiburg (GER). Founded in early 2012, they released their first EP called “All we got!” which was recorded at Proudly Ugly Studio Freiburg (GER) in 2013. This record paved the way for over 80 shows between Hungarian villages, well-lit Belgium motor ways, the French Alps and the Port of Hamburg. Great people who keep the D.I.Y. ethics alive made it possible to share stages with bands such as The Smith Street Band, Astpai, Arms Aloft, Elway, The Scandals and many more. 2015 started with a bunch of shows and a European tour with "Lost in Society". They are going to release a 7 inch Split with Blendof from Ulm (GER) which will be out on NO PANIC Records in April 2015.

For over a decade now, Blendof have been dripping sweat, blood and smiles across any stage or floor that was strong enough to hold them. The band, hailing from Ulm in southern Germany, live for cramming into vans and dragging themselves into the unknown.

Blendof are living proof that Punk Rock is, and should always be recognized as, a spectrum, and it's a spectrum that this undeniable gang of cohorts is not afraid to draw wide influence from. Fusing together lashings of Punk Rock, Melodic Hardcore and Emo and topping it off with socially and politically focused yet deeply personal lyrics, Blendof have created a sound for themselves that arguably fits under a wide collection of punk sub genres and is always performed with "a shitload of passion"!

Pressing information:

1st press:
500 x black

WANK FOR PEACE - fail forward


Peacefully hidden behind a name that will remind folks of their confused, teenage days, Wank For Peace have become a household name on the European Punk Rock Scene. The French quintet have embedded themselves within the European DIY community, known for their relentless touring, their willingness to be involved and aiding other bands with touring throughout France.

Angers, France is not renowned as being a vibrant or buzzing cultural capital, so WFP have hit the road hard, since their formation. With one foot in to the youthful lack of care, and one in to grown up, mature adulthood, the high school friends are still here, settled, playing and keeping to their ethics and the music conception in which they cherish.

"Fail Forward", and its 13 tracks, is a fine and well crafted record of melodic hardcore. Between hot-blooded hardcore and melodic punk rock, favouring the unified singalongs of intoxicating choruses, Wank For Peace have put their best foot forward and produced a fine new album.

Pressing information:

1st press:
500 x solid green

2nd press:
500 x dark green with black dust/splatter


Fall 2015 · NPR041

Chapter of Wolves are a 4 piece punk band from Norwich, UK. With members from bands including Ducking Punches and Throes, and taking influence from alternative US bands such as Citizen and Brand New, Chapter of Wolves paint an honest and gritty depiction of life in a 9-5 world. With the new EP 'Wither' due for release this fall on No Panic! Records and a European tour in the works, 2015 is set to be a big year for the band.

Pressing informations:

200 x solid red
100 x red with black splatter

GHOST ON TAPE - into the maze


Ghost On Tape is a punk rock trio formed back in 2012 and based in Toulouse, FR. They released their debut album Occulted Times the same year, and toured through all Europe along with fellow french bands. In 2013 they shared a split with I Was A Teenage Alien called Double Scare, which came with an old fashioned horror comic book, and of course kept touring. In summer 2014 the lineup changed and they recorded their second LP Into The Maze, which will be released in April 2015 via No Panic! Records and various other labels.

Pressing information:
200 x blue cyan
300 x black
(80 copies come with a screenprint cover)

SNARESET - back to where we've never been


Melodic Hardcore/Punk from Greven/Germany.

SNARESET are together as a band since 2007 and are playing punkrock...sometimes fast, sometimes more melodic but still rough and energetic.

Pressing information:
100 x black vinyl with Screenprint on B-side
100 x clear vinyl with Screenprint on B-Side
100 x clear with electric blue haze

DARWIN & THE DINOSAUR - a thousand ships


Fuelled by pot noodles, tea and biscuits, Darwin & the Dinosaur has been a band since 2008. A smorgasbord of influences range from Thrice to Fleetwood Mac and over the past 6 years D&TD’s sound has evolved, influenced by 2 notable line-up changes.
In 2012 Steve, who has appeared as a supporting actor in every single Harry Potter film, joined as a 3rd guitarist after leaving a band that had simply become “no fun”. In early 2013, Alan moved from 4 strings to 6 to make way for the superglued finger tips of James on bass. Joe, who runs the N.L.A - Norfolk L.A.R.P (Live Action Role Playing) Association - along with Alan, has remained the backbone of the band since day 1.

Alan claims to have completed Google and in his spare time rounds up stray cats for rehoming. Steve has recently become addicted to Theme Hospital and currently holds the world record for “Longest distance pulled by a horse” at 474 metres. James, a semi-professional Subbuteo nut, has dreams of flying in the Red Arrows and has recently built a flight simulator in his bedroom. Joe, when not on the “battlefield” with the N.L.A, likes to spend his spare time hand-writing letters to WWF wrestling legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts, after they formed a strong friendship whilst Jake was in the UK, filming for the Trisha show.

Previous tours of Europe and the UK have seen the band share stages with bands such as The Swellers, Tubelord, Tellison, Fjort, Idle Class, TWIABP, Empire! Empire! (I was a lonely estate), TTNG, Down By Law, The Computers, Cleft, Bad Ideas, River Jumpers, Arteries and Jonah Matranga.

2015 will see D&TD release their debut album “A Thousand Ships”. It will be available on limited edition coloured vinyl, CD and also as a digital download via iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and many other digital music sites. The band will tour Europe in late March and early April, and will be playing shows all over the UK throughout March, April and May.

D&TD are: Alan Hiom (Vocals & Guitar), Steve Larke (Guitar & Backing Vocals), James Bates (Bass) and Joe Mears (Drums). They hail from the sleepy city of Norwich, UK, which has a castle and two cathedrals. Fact.

GENERATION 84 - let's do this


2015 marks a fresh start for the devoted punk rock band Generation 84, with the eagerly anticipated 10 inch vinyl “Let’s Do This” at the horizon, approaching ever faster. Five powerful punches of straightforward, no nonsense punk rock from a band that’s all about having fun playing music and storming stages, while kicking shins in the process. Often compared to bands such as Rise Against, Bad Religion and Good Riddance, Generation 84 prefers to let their music speak for itself. So get ready and arm yourself, because this generation will grab you by the throat!

“Have you ever felt the need to make some waves? Have you ever felt bad about old values being thrust aside? Well, we felt the need to give punkrock a kick in the butt and put it back up right where it belongs. In this grey society where everyone is becoming more and more happy to live according to the latest TV-show or fashion magazine, we want to break out from this ‘Generation 84’ by trying to live up to our own dreams.”

Generation 84’s self titled debut EP was released on Funtime Records, only a year after the band started out. What followed was an intense period of playing shows all over Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany with bands such as No Fun At All, Death By Stereo, Murphy's Law, A Wilhelm Scream, Against Me and De Heideroosjes.

2012 welcomed the full length debut 'Regardless of what is Right', leading Generation 84 to stages all over Europe again. Headlining shows, supporting acts, playing festivals and minitours … This era added highlight after highlight to their careers. In the summer of 2014, Generation 84 proved that they were stronger than ever, opening for NOFX at the Melkweg in Amsterdam and playing with Ten Foot Pole, Mad Caddies and numerous other bands across their home continent.

In April 2015 Generation 84 will release “Let’s Do This”, a 10 inch vinyl record with 5 brand new songs, released by 4 different record labels: I For Us Records (B), Thanks But No Thanks Records (B), No Panic Records (D) and Indelirium Records (I). To celebrate this new release, Generation 84 will hit the road like they never done before and do what they do best: playing kickass shows!

Generation 84 – EP, released 31/10/10 on Funtime Records. Regardless of what is right – full cd, released 22/09/2012 on Funtime Records Let’s do this – 10 inch EP, release 11/04/2015 by I For Us, Thanks But No Thanks, No Panic, Indelirium.

DEAR DUST - lights to avoid


Dear Dust is a punk rock trio from Rome, Italy, formed in January 2012. We talk about love, death and fire with a negative mental attitude. Enjoy the fall, enjoy the crash.

WHITE STAIN - attached


The band White Stain from Ljubljana, Slovenia could widely be described as a melodic punkrock band but a more accurate interpretation would be a band with a unique sound that tries to pull influences from a variety of different punkrock genres. Combining hardcore rhythm parts with melodic vocal and guitar lines and some disharmonic riffs creates a firm base for tough lyrics, calling for a more self conscious and self critical society. DIY ethics and cooperation with foreign and local bands has made it possible for White Stain to play with lots of bands and do more 100 concerts (over Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, France, Belgium, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and Romania) in a period of less than 4 years.
After re-forming the band in 2012 White Stain continue its way as trio. Band will be releasing their first full length album titled Attached on 29th of November this year.

1. Breakout 04:02
2. Attached 02:35
3. Break The Spell 03:01
4. Bullets From Our Hearts 02:54
5. Illuminate 03:28
6. Bring Back 03:42
7. Afterlife 03:15
8. Hide & Seek 03:44
9. Out Of Reach 04:02
10. No One's Innocent 03:49

pressing information:
CD/digital only

HARKER - gasping for air


Brighton based Folk/Rock/Punk formed in late 2011.

For fans of Chamberlain, Elliott or The Get Up Kids.

AcoustiXnStones: Harker is making a quick rise after releasing it’s EP “Hours”. What once started as Mark Boniface‘s solo project has formed into a full band. And whilst the band is “gasping for air”, we want to name them in one breath with Brian Fallon/The Gaslight Anthem, Dave Hause/The Loved Ones, Chuck Ragan/Hot Water Music and The Lawrence Arms. They deserve it, and when you have heard Harker’s new song, you will know why too. (

Pressing information:
200 x snow white
100 x blue moon



RESOLUTIONS recorded some songs in spring 2014 and finally have this one coming out on a split 7" with their buddies from TEEN AGERS (Orlando, Florida / USA) through No Panic Records (GER) and All In Vinyl (UK).


pressing informations:

100 x red / blue split ( NO PANIC! exclusive)
150 x clear with blue & red splatter
250 x clear with red haze

DOWZER - bummercamp


Dowzer is a punkrock band from Sprundel Rockcity (a small town near Breda in the Netherlands). After playing an amount of shows in and outside the Netherlands and putting out records, Dowzer is ready to take on the world. Influenced by a wide range of music. No, we don’t mean from fusion jazz to death grind, but from good old ’94 melodic punkrock to the poppunk of today. Giving it a 110 percent on stage is the icing on the cake and who doesn’t like cake?

‘Bummercamp’ is Dowzer’s fourth release, the follow up of 2012’s EP Facing Paper Tigers. Released digitally and on CD by No Panic! Records (River Jumpers, Ducking Punches) and a limited run of tapes is released by upcoming label Trilob Records (Adhesive, Banquets). The cd is also distributed in Japan by Waterslide Records.

Pressing information:
CD/digital only

CASUALLY DRESSED - the fine line


CASUALLY DRESSED released their EP "Trial & Execution" in 2012 and since have been touring all over Europe including the UK in 2013 and have shared stages with the likes of The Flatliners, Set Your Goals, Nothington, The Menzingers, The Smith Street Band or Apologies, I Have None, which gives a good representation of the hard-edged emo/post-hardcore landscape these guys inhabit. If Thrice/Alexisonfire/Funeral For A Friend with a heavy dose of conviction is your bag, you'll find much to love here.

Pressing information:
CD/digital only



A TIME TO STAND / RIVER JUMPERS / THE WALKING TARGETS - 3 way split 7" in 3 different colours.

A TIME TO STAND - melodic hardcorepunk from Paderborn/GER
RIVER JUMPERS - melodic punkrock from Brighton/UK
THE WALKING TARGETS - punkrock from Edinburgh/UK

6 songs totally!!!

Pressing information:

100 x 3 color split vinyl (Pre-order & NO PANIC! Records only)
100 x aqua blue opaque
100 x dark blue transparent

OVERSEAS - hardships


OVERSEAS is a five piece Punk Rock band from Costa Rica, in the American continent. The band was created in October 2011 and although they’ve already had shows with bands such as The Lawrence Arms, it wasn’t until a year after its formation in 2012 that the band decided to release their debut Ep “O Captain! My Captain!”.

pressing information:
digital only

SMASH THE STATUES - rise to occasion


Smash The Statues kicked off early 2003 with the recording of a 4 song EP and their first show on April 5 of the same year. Influenced by bands such as Propagandhi, Good Riddance, Strike Anywhere and I-Spy, the band was aiming for melodic hardcore punk with topics about social change. Two years later the band recorded their first album “Against The Stream” with producer Nico van Montfort at Die Tonmeisterei in Oldenburg, Germany. The record, released February 2006 by Angry Youth Records, got positive reviews.

“I like everything about this record. The music is really good and the topics in the lyrics can be thought-provoking” (

“…all in all extremely well done”(Maximum Rock ‘n Roll)

“Prematurely I dare to say this is the best Dutch punkrecord of the year” (Up Magazine)

The record gave Smash The Statues the opportunity to play shows in well known Dutch venues as Melkweg and 013 with bands as Strike Anywhere, Strung Out, Beatsteaks and Modern Life Is War. Also the band started to expand their territory and started touring Europe. Shows were played in Belgium, Germany, the UK, Sweden, Norway, Austria and Slovenia.

In 2008, again 2 years after the previous record, Smash The Statues hit the studio again with Nico van Montfort, who joined the band after the first record. This time assisted by Pieter Vonk the band recorded “When Fear Is All Around Us” in a few days in Die Tonmeisterei in Germany again. The band found a new home at The Netherlands based Shield Recordings. In December 2008 they released the bands second album on vinyl and cd. Again, the critics were very positive.

“On their third release (and second full length) the band does everything right” (OOR)

“The songs and production are super-tight making the album pack a solid punch and it certainly wouldn’t be out of place on the Fat Wreck or Epitaph roster” (No Front Teeth)

Just like the first record, this meant new opportunities. Shows with Propagandhi and Venerea were played and the band did multiple tours, talking them this time even further to Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia as well.

2009 turned out to be the busiest year for the band and members realized that the input and ambitions were not on the same level anymore. At the end of 2009 the band decided to break up while they still enjoyed playing and the band played their final gig on January 23, 2010 at De Onderbroek in Nijmegen, a place where shows were booked by members, Smash The Statues played countless times and felt like a second home and an inspirational place. A more than sold out show was the result of a band with 4 punks just doing what they felt like.

Fast forward to exact 3 years later, Smash The Statues announces they are back! Apparently the fire was still burning and the same 4 punks got back together. Eager to play again and packed with a critical view on society and the same horrible sense of humour, Smash The Statues is ready to hit the stages again and planning to record a new album at the end of the year. The first show will take place at their 10 year anniversary on the same date as the first show ten years earlier. This is not a one-off, we’re back!

Smash The Statues [2003, DIY release]
Against The Stream [2006, Angry Youth Records]
When Fear Is All Around Us [2008, Shield Recordings]
Salad Days Remain [2012, internet release only]

Pressing information:
300 x black vinyl with etched B-side

FOUR SEASONS ONE DAY - tutti morti


Four Seasons One Day is a 4 piece Punk Rock band based in Palermo, Italy and founded in 2011. The band is Pietro Basso (Vocals, Bass) Valerio Ballarò (Guitar, Vocals) Davide Di Leo (Guitar) and Daniele Di Giorgi (Drums).

The band's first full-length album “Brand New Life" was recorded by Pietro Ventimigla and self-released in 2013 for free download with a nice pop punk sounds. In the end of 2013 they released a cover of the song 'I Miss You' originally performed by Blink 182 for the 'Stay Together For The Kids' Compilation via Rude Records, available on iTunes for purchase.

After many months killing it on stages, Four Seasons One Day signed with Indelirium Records and NO PANIC! Records to released their new EP titled 'Tutti Morti' with a new sound more punk than before, like Tile Fight, Make Do And Mend.

Pressing information:
300 x black vinyl

DUCKING PUNCHES - dance before you sleep


Folk punk born out of the embers of old bands, It started as a necessity. Losing a band and having that sinking feeling that you won’t be playing music for a while just wasn’t an option. Henceforth, Ducking Punches! Now with a full band lineup featuring members of Manbearpig, Bad Ideas, Darkened Dials and Other Half. The brand new full length album 'Dance Before You sleep' is out as CD & LP since May 2015.

In an ever growing scene, Ducking Punches stand proud in the arguably convoluted sea of punks with acoustics.

Pressing information:

1st press:
10 x test press
200 x black vinyl
150 x black with gold haze vinyl
100 x gold vinyl
50 x screenprinted cover (fairtrademerch) with black vinyl - handnumbered
2 x screenprinted cover (fairtrademerch) with gold vinyl - handnumbered
2 x screenprinted cover (fairtrademerch) with haze vinyl - handnumbered

2nd press:
100 x grimace purple with silver dust
100 x clear with black splatter
100 x half bone / half black



First rehearsals were a mess. But HARSH REALMS was born (2012 – Roosendaal – Holland).Four guys playing punk rock in the tradition of Hot Water Music, Red City Radio, Off With Their Heads, Polar Bear Club and stuff. Call it punk rock, call it orgcore. Call it anything you like. They trash stages in foggy basements, bunker squats, everything. They’ll even play your wedding, funeral or Tupperware party if you want them to.

DEAR AMERICA - a 4 piece Punk Rock, Indie band based in Cheshire/U.K.. Melodic yet aggressive vocals blended with powerful guitar melodies with a fair few lyrics about whiskey thrown in for good measure.

01. To Be Honest
02. Reasons To Restore
03. Wearing Thin
04. The Coast

pressing information:
100 x red / orange split
100 x clear
100 x black



BEDTIME FOR CARLIE is a melodic punkrock band from Rome Italy which has been founded back in 2001. For fans of Millencolin, Strike Anywhere, No Use For A Name...

01. Snapshot
02. Come and go
03. Captain Chaos
04. Fallen
05. Silent signs

pressing information:

BACK AT SEA - black lungs, dead eyes / widower


BACK AT SEA is a Melodic Hardcore band located in Gießen, Germany, founded early 2010. The main concept was to create a versatile sound beyond genre-borders. In September 2011, they released their first EP called “Forecast the Storm”. After several self-planned tours in 2011 and 2012, they have played Germany, the UK, France, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg without being represented by a record label. Their second EP "Monochrome" was released February 1st 2013 and is now followed by the band’s third release “Black Lungs, Dead Eyes / Widower”, a two track mini-EP which will be digitally released through No Panic!-Records and Beyond Hope Records early 2014.

1. black lungs, dead eyes
2. intermission
3. widower

pressing information:
digital download only

THE 101's - for the years


The 101’s, hailing from Eindhoven, The Netherlands, started out in 2006. Formed by four friends that share a passion for punk rock, they recorded and self-released two EP’s, and started playing their rock infused punk rock tunes in the style of Hot Water Music, The Loved Ones, Polar Bear Club and The Story So Far throughout their country. Sharing stages with bands like Bad Religion,
Beatsteaks, Taylor Hawkins, Such Gold, Red City Radio and De Heideroosjes, the band started tomake quite a name in the scene. Festivals took notice, and invitations to well known festivals like Bospop, Speedfest, Groezrock, Jera On Air, Nirwana Tuinfest and Tauberal Festival (D) followed

Pressing information:
300 x green vinyl

GIVER - choking on pride


GIVER is a young melodic Hardcore Band from Cologne/Paderborn, Germany. Since these fellas started playing a stirring mix consisting out of Hardcore and melodic Punk in spring 2013, they recorded their Debut-EP "Choking on Pride" in a DIY manner in their parents basements and houses, which will be put out through No Panic! Records at the end of this year. They have already hit the road many times throughout the firsts month as a band with many more shows to come. In spite of their young age this record gained a lot of good feedback and is most certainly worth buying if you are a fan of bands like Verse, Comeback Kid or Sinking Ships.

Look Up to the Ground (Intro) 02:26
A Rat´s City 01:57
Golden Rust 03:43
Stick Tight to Trouble 03:19
Dead End Blues 04:07
Vibes 04:41

pressing information:
100 x solid red
100 x clear with blue splatter
100 x blue white haze

MALEMUTE KID - don't talk the scene


Born on 2009, Malemute Kid is a four-piece italian band from Torino, inspired by 90's american punk-rock (Lifetime and Kid Dynamite above all) but with some modern influences and a strong personality.
After having cut their teeth at numerous shows between Italy and Europe, opening for such bands as Polar Bear Club, VRGNS, Nothington and Astpai, on december 2011 they released a self-titled 7" with the italian label Raining Records.

On winter of 2013 they recorded five unreleased new songs, mixed by Brian McTernan (Hot Water Music, Strike Anywhere, Polar Bear Club and much others) on Salad Days Studio, Baltimore.

Side A
01. Don't talk the scene
02. Situation
Side B
03. Token
04. Youth's red bike

pressing information:
200 x pink/orange vinyl

In co-operation with NO REASON RECORDS (ita).

SCREW HOUSTON - a gentleman will never tell


Music that hits you harder than the explosion in Apollo 13. Hardcore that sounds like commander Jim Lovell losing his cool. That’s what this Dutch five-piece is all about. Hence the name: Screw Houston, Start Screaming! No wonder these guys happen to cause quite a stir in both the national and international scene, right after their inception in February 2009.

Inspired by the likes of Gallows, The Ghost Of A Thousand, Cancer Bats and The Bronx the band released a self-titled EP (currently sold out) in its first year of existence. Within two years Screw Houston, Start Screaming! did over 50 shows with acts like Fucked Up (CA), Through This Defiance (US), Holding On To Hope (US), Midnight Souls (BE), Fights & Fires (UK), Otis (NL), Noyalty (NL), 21 Gun Salute (NL), Striking Justice (NL), This Routine Is Hell (NL) and Antillectual (NL).
The 7" contains 3 songs hardcore rock'n'roll!

pressing information:
300 x clear vinyl

In co-operation with WHITE RUSSIAN RECORDS (nl)

RIVER JUMPERS - words, chords & irony


Melodic punkrock from Brighton/UK ffo Alkaline Trio, The Loved Ones, Strike Anywhere...

River Jumpers are a 4-piece band based in Brighton, UK. They formed in late 2011 with an idea of starting something fresh from scratch blending all of their influences together. The band recorded their debut EP Words, Chords & Irony with Pete Miles & James Bragg at Middle Lane Studios in Devon February 2012. River Jumpers have just finished recording their first full length album titled 'Chapters' also with Pete Miles which is OUT NOW on CD and 12" Vinyl. River Jumpers plan on touring as much as possible anywhere and everywhere...

pressing information:
50 x grey vinyl in silkscreened cardbox (sold out)
50 x grey
100 x turquoise
100 x black

OVERSEAS - oh captain, my captain


OVERSEAS is a five piece Punk Rock band from Costa Rica, in the American continent. The band was created in October 2011 and although they’ve already had shows with bands such as The Lawrence Arms, it wasn’t until a year after its formation in 2012 that the band decided to release their debut Ep “O Captain! My Captain!”, recorded in Costa Rica by the engineer Marcos Monnerat and mastered in the United States by the engineer Mass Giorgini (Rise Against, Alkaline Trio, Anti-Flag).
The Ep features guest vocals from the band Such Gold (United States) and it contains a total of seven tracks, plus one acoustic bonus. It will be released on 12” vinyl by Pee Records (Australia), Quote Your Pulse Records (United States) and Pavones Records (Canada). The Ep will also be released on CD by Taipo Records (India), while the digital version will be released by Sixtynine Records (Macedonia) and No Panic! Records (Germany).

pressing information:
digital only

A TIME TO STAND - torcher


Melodic hardcore punk from Germany. The 7inch is including download code + bonus track.

1. rehab clinics and retirement homes
2. i still live in angry days
3. stake
4. simon breaks christmas
bonus track download:
5. steak

pressing informations:
226 x white
151 x baby blue
100 x lilac
30 x black w/ white lable (promotional copies)
3 x test press

other exclusive colours:
10 x black
1 x blue pink mix
1 x black blue mix
2 x pink blue mix
24 x grey marble
1 x black white mix

WHALES ISLAND - crossroads


Melodic hardcorepunk from Italy for fans of LIFETIME, DEATH IS NOT GLAMOROUS, TITLE FIGHT...

1. crossroads
2. stuck in the past

pressing information:
1 x test press
1 x black/clear
1 x white/pink
4 x black
7 x black/white marble
10 x tricolor (grey/blue/white mix)
104 x pink/clear marble
90 x light blue/white marble
100 x white

VARIOUS ARTISTS - don't panic - compilation


01. A Time To Stand - Eyes To The Sky
02. After The Fall - Forgive And Forget
03. All The Best Tapes - Old Device
04. Caleb Lionheart - Empathy
05. Divided Heaven - KeyStone
06. Dividers - Me. You. Len. On A Boat. Faliraki '09
07. Fights And Fires - Weight
08. Go Rydell - A Little To Raph
09. Half Hearted Hero - Periphery
10. Hertwell - Certainty Of Change
11. Hell & Back - Hold On Tight
12. Junes Not Faking - That's What Friends Are For
13. Maloi - Those Modern Kids
14. Mike Moak - ShesMyEx
15. Nightlife - The Road To Hope And Glory
16. Nightlights - Ghost Town
17. No Tide - Step Down
18. Protagonist - Tunbridge
19. Question The Mark - Tonight We're Going To Give It 80
20. Rebuke - Black Screen, Eyes
21. Rust Belt Lights - The Comeback
22. Smile And Burn - Long Night's Fiasco
23. Static Radio NJ - Violent, You
24. Sweet Empire - Torches
25. The Snips - Oh Brother
26. Timeshares - Sarah, Send Your Driver
27. Whale's Island - Over The Reef

pressing information:
digital only

JUNES NOT FAKING - hang in there champ


Melodic punkrock, pop-punk from San Antonio/USA.

Originated in 2007, JUNES NOT FAKING is one of the longest running Pop/Punk acts in San Antonio. After going thru several lineup changes, JNF has finally settled down and found there own trademark sound. In the Spring of 2011, they've released there first full length album titled "Hang In There, Champ" physically. Now they've joined NO PANIC! Records to release the full length digitally. For fans of THE WONDER YEARS, MXPX, BLINK 182...

Saying Goodbye
Bumble Bee
Counting Sheep Is For Losers Like Me
All We Wanted (Graduation)
Jump The Wall
The Words You Wanna Hear
7 Weeks In
Thieves Will Conquer Us All One Day
All Dogs Go To Heaven (bonus track)
Hola Amiga Banana Remix (bonus track)

pressing information:
digital only

DIVIDED HEAVEN - a rival city


Simply put, DIVIDED HEAVEN is Jeff Berman, an East Coast transplant living in Los Angeles with a voice and a guitar. On record and stage, Divided Heaven is a punk band without the amplification, singing stories rooted in history and politics, travel and experience, love and hope. After tours on both coasts and two appearances at the FEST, the first Divided Heaven full-length ‘A Rival City’ is being released for free digital download through Paper + Plastick as well as limited edition CDs through Berman himself. “The goal was to make this solo record as inclusive as possible and have my friends be a part of it: the artwork, photography, recording… everything.”

01. Five and Dime To Hollywood
02. Flight or Flight
03. Born-Again Non-Believer
04. KeyStone
05. Brandywine
06. 1,000 New Conclusions
07. The Return
08. A Tribute To Amnesia
09. Usual (Chris) Suspect
10. East/West

pressing information:
100 x orange pink
150 x solid blue
250 x white marble

NIGHTLIGHTS - long way home


NIGHTLIGHTS is a punk rock band from central Florida. Shortly after coming together in the fall of 2009, the band released their first demo with Sp Records, Japan and Gruff Beard Records. After teaming up with Anchorless Records and Get Outta Town Records, the quartet released the Long Way Home EP which NO PANIC! will release in Europe now. Nightlights has been featured in AMP Magazine as well. During their 2010 East Coast Summer Tour, Brett Bortle directed the band’s music video for “Ghost Town” off their EP. Within their relatively short time together, the band has shared the stage with Shinedown, Rise Against, Flogging Molly, Crime In Stereo and The Menzingers. Nightlights also appeared at Sun Fest in West Palm Beach, Fl and Fest 9 in Gainesville, FL. The band is currently touring and working on their Eulogy debut. For fans of HOT WATER MUSIC, LATTERMAN, THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM or THE LAWRENCE ARMS...

1. ghost town
2. are you the keymaster?
3. bluffington
4. one of these days
5. foxhole
6. buzz your girlfriend, woof!

pressing information:
5 x test presses
60 x black / one sided 12" / silk screened B-side
462 x black / one sided 12"

RUST BELT LIGHTS - long gone


RUST BELT LIGHTS, Rotting factories, blinding snowstorms, and deserted cobblestone streets… everything corroded from the punishment of winter. All are symptoms of a rust belt city, begging for something to help reclaim the glory it once had. Buffalo, NY's Rust Belt Lights are doing what little they can to represent their city and put it back on the map. Once a blue collar boom town, Buffalo has become nothing but a decaying ghost town to most outsiders. Most people don't stick around long enough to experience its friendly neighbors, low cost of living, delicious food and loyal sports fans. The ones who have been cursed with defeat since always. Yeah, it's a love and hate relationship at times, but Rust Belt Lights is about looking at the bright side in dark times. Formed in late 2008 as a collaboration of members from Dead Hearts, Daggermouth, and Get Back Up, the band played their first show in March 2009.

1. the comeback
2. the issue
3. the ground
4. the escape

pressing information:
20 x test press
200 x white
100 x yellow
100 x clear
100 x purple

ALMOST HOME - closure


ALMOST HOME are a 5 piece melodic hardcore band from Nottingham, UK. Having been as active as any in the UK hardcore scene, dates with bands such as Miles Away, Down To Nothing, Cruel Hand and Your Demise, has seen them become known for their unique take on melodic hardcore. Since Almost Home’s early beginnings in 2006, the line up has not always stayed the same. One thing that has remained constant is the unmatched energy and enthusiasm this band puts in to the music they play. Almost Home released their first album on No Panic! Records scheduled for summer 2009. The record promises to be their most creative and insightful to date; mixing the sounds of hardcore, punk, and heavy rock; they now have a maturity that can only come with 3 years as a playing as a band and developing their own sound as they go.

1. Collapse
2. Pressure
3. Within
4. Unbreakable
5. Alone
6. Everything
7. Struggle
8. Closure

pressing information:
5 x test press
50 x black vinyl (promotional use only)
500 x clear vinyl
500 x CD

THE RIOT BEFORE - fists buried in pockets


THE RIOT BEFORE - folk punkrock from Riochmond/Virginia USA. For all the folks who like the GASLIGHT ANTHEM or AGAINST ME. Toured Europe in 2009 together with DEATH IS NOT GLAMOROUS.

1. fists buried in pockets
2. threat level midnight
3. 5 to 9
4. you can't sexy dance to punk rock
5. I have my books
6. they rode on in the friscalating dusklight
7. we are wild stallions
8. words written over coffee
9. numero seven
10. election day
11. capillaries

pressing information:
525 x white vinyl
5 x test presses
500 x CD

SINKING SHIPS - meridian


SINKING SHIPS was a melodic hardcore band hailing from Seattle/Washington that formed in 2004. In 2005, the band released their debut EP,Meridian' on Run For Cover Records & NO PANIC! Records and later re issued on 6131 Records and contributed the track "Turn My Headphones Up" to the Generations compilation released on Revelation Records.

1. exit strategy
2. grace
3. 39th and glisan
4. furthest place from here
5. sound
6. 10 to 5
7. int(chi)ro
8. roads leading midwest
9. memorial
10. all paths of glory
11. limit
12. kiss the sharks

pressing information:
500 x CD

UP THE FURY - modern culture


UP THE FURY - modern hardcore from Long Island, New York/USA. Founded by former members of THIS IS HELL & CRIME IN STEREO. They released their first EP/7" 'modern culture' on BLACKTOP RECORDS / NO PANIC! Records in Europe.

1. dude we have like 900 dollars
2. get gully
3. boundaries and years
4. get outta my bar

pressing information:
2 x test press
20 x white vinyl - handstamped 'old version' cover
50 x white vinyl - 'old version' cover
450 x white vinyl - 'Blacktop Records' cover

Released in co-operation with BLACKTOP RECORDS.