RIVER JUMPERS - words, chords & irony


Melodic punkrock from Brighton/UK ffo Alkaline Trio, The Loved Ones, Strike Anywhere...

River Jumpers are a 4-piece band based in Brighton, UK. They formed in late 2011 with an idea of starting something fresh from scratch blending all of their influences together. The band recorded their debut EP Words, Chords & Irony with Pete Miles & James Bragg at Middle Lane Studios in Devon February 2012. River Jumpers have just finished recording their first full length album titled 'Chapters' also with Pete Miles which is OUT NOW on CD and 12" Vinyl. River Jumpers plan on touring as much as possible anywhere and everywhere...

pressing information:
50 x grey vinyl in silkscreened cardbox (sold out)
50 x grey
100 x turquoise
100 x black