BACK AT SEA - black lungs, dead eyes / widower


BACK AT SEA is a Melodic Hardcore band located in Gießen, Germany, founded early 2010. The main concept was to create a versatile sound beyond genre-borders. In September 2011, they released their first EP called “Forecast the Storm”. After several self-planned tours in 2011 and 2012, they have played Germany, the UK, France, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg without being represented by a record label. Their second EP "Monochrome" was released February 1st 2013 and is now followed by the band’s third release “Black Lungs, Dead Eyes / Widower”, a two track mini-EP which will be digitally released through No Panic!-Records and Beyond Hope Records early 2014.

1. black lungs, dead eyes
2. intermission
3. widower

pressing information:
digital download only