FOUR SEASONS ONE DAY - tutti morti


Four Seasons One Day is a 4 piece Punk Rock band based in Palermo, Italy and founded in 2011. The band is Pietro Basso (Vocals, Bass) Valerio Ballarò (Guitar, Vocals) Davide Di Leo (Guitar) and Daniele Di Giorgi (Drums).

The band's first full-length album “Brand New Life" was recorded by Pietro Ventimigla and self-released in 2013 for free download with a nice pop punk sounds. In the end of 2013 they released a cover of the song 'I Miss You' originally performed by Blink 182 for the 'Stay Together For The Kids' Compilation via Rude Records, available on iTunes for purchase.

After many months killing it on stages, Four Seasons One Day signed with Indelirium Records and NO PANIC! Records to released their new EP titled 'Tutti Morti' with a new sound more punk than before, like Tile Fight, Make Do And Mend.

Pressing information:
300 x black vinyl