WHITE STAIN - attached


The band White Stain from Ljubljana, Slovenia could widely be described as a melodic punkrock band but a more accurate interpretation would be a band with a unique sound that tries to pull influences from a variety of different punkrock genres. Combining hardcore rhythm parts with melodic vocal and guitar lines and some disharmonic riffs creates a firm base for tough lyrics, calling for a more self conscious and self critical society. DIY ethics and cooperation with foreign and local bands has made it possible for White Stain to play with lots of bands and do more 100 concerts (over Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, France, Belgium, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and Romania) in a period of less than 4 years.
After re-forming the band in 2012 White Stain continue its way as trio. Band will be releasing their first full length album titled Attached on 29th of November this year.

1. Breakout 04:02
2. Attached 02:35
3. Break The Spell 03:01
4. Bullets From Our Hearts 02:54
5. Illuminate 03:28
6. Bring Back 03:42
7. Afterlife 03:15
8. Hide & Seek 03:44
9. Out Of Reach 04:02
10. No One's Innocent 03:49

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