WANK FOR PEACE - fail forward


Peacefully hidden behind a name that will remind folks of their confused, teenage days, Wank For Peace have become a household name on the European Punk Rock Scene. The French quintet have embedded themselves within the European DIY community, known for their relentless touring, their willingness to be involved and aiding other bands with touring throughout France.

Angers, France is not renowned as being a vibrant or buzzing cultural capital, so WFP have hit the road hard, since their formation. With one foot in to the youthful lack of care, and one in to grown up, mature adulthood, the high school friends are still here, settled, playing and keeping to their ethics and the music conception in which they cherish.

"Fail Forward", and its 13 tracks, is a fine and well crafted record of melodic hardcore. Between hot-blooded hardcore and melodic punk rock, favouring the unified singalongs of intoxicating choruses, Wank For Peace have put their best foot forward and produced a fine new album.

Pressing information:

1st press:
500 x solid green

2nd press:
500 x dark green with black dust/splatter