THE OCTOPUSSYS - leagues below

No Panic! Records / Funtime Records · NPR046

The Octopussys is a 5 piece melodic punkrock band formed in 2005, influenced by the era where bands like Lagwagon, The Offspring, No Use For A Name, Pulley, Ten Foot Pole,… ruled the scene. Combining this style of punkrock with their own and more modern elements was their mission. After playing some shows, getting an extra guitarist and replacing their first singer, they released their first 6-tracked demo in 2008.

Shortly afterwards they went on their first international tour and also performed a lot more at all kinds of Belgian venues. In May of 2009 they released a split cd with the Belgian skatepunk band “State of Mine” on Kickass Records, followed by many gigs in their own country and abroad.

In 2010 the band performed less frequently to focus on writing their first full album "Face The World" which was released in May 2011 on Funtime Records.
The cd had been gracefully reviewed by many critics and still gets the band on more and bigger shows than before.

The band…
• Played over more than 250 shows
• Played in countries like: The Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, France, England,…
• Was programmed alongside bands like: No Use For A Name (US), Refused (SE), Flogging Molly (US), H2O (US), A Wilhelm Scream (US), Silverstein (CA), Useless ID (IL), Authority Zero (US), Rentokill (AT), Heideroosjes (NL), The Undeclinables (NL), The Prodigy (US), Franz Ferdinand (UK), The Kooks (UK), Pendulum (AU), ….
• Played main stage of the biggest festival of Czech Republic on july 5th 2012 (ROCK FOR PEOPLE) with bands like: The Prodigy, Skrillex, Franz Ferdinand, The Kooks, Refused, Flogging Molly, Faith No More,…
• The Octopussys debut album “Face The World” is nominated many times in the top releases of 2011 (for punk/hc) by different magazines from different countries.
• Has made music videos for 3 songs on the Face The world album (“Tonight”, “Summer’s Gone” & Moving On). All video clips have been picked up by BlankTV ( and aired on several TV-channels all over the world.