THE LOLAS - cynthia


Members: Fraser Clarke (guitar and vocals), Tim Burden (bass), Lewis Wright (drums).

We started around a year ago. We had a few local small pub gigs and recorded a demo after a couple of months. We then started to do bigger and bigger gigs in our home town and started to get a bit of momentum.

We’ve always been about the live show and putting on a good performance, however, there isn't a much better feeling than recording and getting songs sounding exactly how you want them. Which we did around the start of August with a local producer Conor Etteridge at Old School Studios in Norwich.

We think the ep has turned out like a mix between nirvana and oasis which is pretty much what we aim for. I do try and draw some inspiration from The Beatles as much as I can.

We really, really want to get on the road and tour around as many places as possible. And I guess our biggest goal is to make music that people like and can take something from.