Formed in fall 2001 EYELESS VIEW played the first shows in spring 2002. At this time the 5 guys played metal influenced HC. After some releases & tons of shows the sound changed more into melodic old school HC mixed with punkrock and emo. After almost 150 shows in 2,5 years and 3 european tours together with our friends in NAIL, COMECLOSER, STRENGTH APPROACH & SUMMER LEAGUE we came to an end in ju...ly 2004. Some of us go on in new projects and bands like BURY MY SINS, COMECLOSER, PESSIMISTIC LINES, EMPOWERMENT...

SUMMER LEAGUE - positive old school hardcore from Bologna/Italy for fans of YOUTH OF TODAY, GORILLA BISCUITS or SHELTER.


  1. Eyeless View - Behind All These Miles
  2. Eyeless View - Sleepless
  3. Eyeless View - The Liars
  4. Eyeless View - Worn Out
  5. Summer League - Sharing A Common Ground
  6. Summer League - Crush My Calm
  7. Summer League - Cutting Away
  8. Summer League - Rise Again