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ALMOST HOME are a 5 piece melodic hardcore band from Nottingham, UK. Having been as active as any in the UK hardcore scene, dates with bands such as Miles Away, Down To Nothing, Cruel Hand and Your Demise, has seen them become known for their unique take on melodic hardcore. Since Almost Home’s early beginnings in 2006, the line up has not always stayed the same. One thing that has remained constant is the unmatched energy and enthusiasm this band puts in to the music they play. Almost Home released their first album on No Panic! Records scheduled for summer 2009. The record promises to be their most creative and insightful to date; mixing the sounds of hardcore, punk, and heavy rock; they now have a maturity that can only come with 3 years as a playing as a band and developing their own sound as they go.


  1. ALMOST HOME - closure - 01 Collapse
  2. ALMOST HOME - closure - 02 Pressure
  3. ALMOST HOME - closure - 03 Within
  4. ALMOST HOME - closure - 04 Unbreakable
  5. ALMOST HOME - closure - 05 Alone
  6. ALMOST HOME - closure - 06 Everything
  7. ALMOST HOME - closure - 07 Struggle
  8. ALMOST HOME - closure - 08 Closure
Pressing Information

5 x test press
50 x black vinyl (promotional use only)
500 x clear vinyl
500 x CD