DUCKING PUNCHES - dance before you sleep Downloads


Folk punk born out of the embers of old bands, It started as a necessity. Losing a band and having that sinking feeling that you won’t be playing music for a while just wasn’t an option. Henceforth, Ducking Punches!

Now with a full band lineup featuring members of Manbearpig, Bad Ideas, Darkened Dials and Other Half. The brand new full length album 'Dance Before You sleep' is out since mid February.

In an ever growing scene, Ducking Punches stand proud in the arguably convoluted sea of punks with acoustics.

Pressing Information

1st Press:
5 x test press
2 x screenprinted cover & gold vinyl
2 x screenprinted cover & haze vinyl
50 x screenprinted cover & black vinyl
98 x gold
148 x gold with black haze
200 x black
500 x CD

2nd press:
98 x clear with black splatter
100 x grimace purple with grey dust
100 x half bone / half black