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Overseas is a four piece band formed in 2011 in San Jose, capital city of Costa Rica. The band has already released two records, one video clip and they have shared the stage as an opening act for bands such as Rise Against, The Lawrence Arms and Hostage Calm, as well as played in several venues outside of Costa Rica.

Their first album “O Captain! My Captain!” debuted in 2012 and was recorded in Costa Rica by Marcos Monnerat and mastered in the United States by Mass Giorgini who has also worked with Rise Against, Alkaline Trio and Anti-Flag. The album features guest vocals by Such Gold’s lead Singer, Ben Kotin. A total of 8 tracks plus 2 acoustic bonus songs were included in this album that was edited and released in 12 inch vinyl by Quote Your Pulse Records (USA), Pavones Records (Canada), Pee Records (Australia) and No Panic Records (Germany).

Their second Ep “Hardships” marks the return of Overseas in 2014, after a 1-year hiatus where the band went from the fast punk-rock on their first album to a more paused and elaborated style that showcases their Punk Rock, Hardcore and 90’s alternative rock influences. This second EP was released in digital format in April 2014 by Pavones Records (Canada) and No Panic! Records (Germany) and contains 6 songs, one of them featuring vocals from Hostage Calm’s lead singer Chris “Cmar” Martin. The band recorded again with Marcos Monnerat in Costa Rica but worked with Jay Maas to master the album given his experience with similar bands such as Title Fight, Citizen and Polar Bear Club, amongst others.

Overseas has built a strong fan base in Costa Rica as well as in the rest of Central America, and are now working on expanding their music through the United States, Canada and Europe. Last May, the band had their first international tour in Canada where they played cities like Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal for over 3 weeks. Their most important shows were during the Canadian Music Week showcase in Toronto, and Pouzza Fest in Montreal, where they shared the stage with Hostage Calm.

For the second half of 2014, Overseas is focusing on filming their second videoclip as well as playing several shows in local venues all over Costa Rica and the release, promotion and distribution of “Hardships” in vinyl format. At the same time, the band is working on the writing and pre-production of their third record while looking for a new record label to release it. And the booking of an international tour that will take them to USA’s East Cost and Europe in the first half of 2015 is in the process.


  1. OVERSEAS - Hardships - 01 Blue
  2. OVERSEAS - Hardships - 02 35
  3. OVERSEAS - Hardships - 03 Hardship
  4. OVERSEAS - Hardships - 04 Lecture
  5. OVERSEAS - Hardships - 05 Walk alone
  6. OVERSEAS - Hardships - 06 Closure
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