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Flatline Walkers are a 4 piece melodic Punk Rock band based in Freiburg (GER). Founded in early 2012, they released their first EP called “All we got!” which was recorded at Proudly Ugly Studio Freiburg (GER) in 2013. This record paved the way for over 80 shows between Hungarian villages, well-lit Belgium motor ways, the French Alps and the Port of Hamburg. Great people who keep the D.I.Y. ethics alive made it possible to share stages with bands such as The Smith Street Band, Astpai, Arms Aloft, Elway, The Scandals and many more. 2015 started with a bunch of shows and a European tour with "Lost in Society". They are going to release a 7 inch Split with Blendof from Ulm (GER) which will be out on NO PANIC Records in April 2015.

For over a decade now, Blendof have been dripping sweat, blood and smiles across any stage or floor that was strong enough to hold them. The band, hailing from Ulm in southern Germany, live for cramming into vans and dragging themselves into the unknown.

Blendof are living proof that Punk Rock is, and should always be recognized as, a spectrum, and it's a spectrum that this undeniable gang of cohorts is not afraid to draw wide influence from. Fusing together lashings of Punk Rock, Melodic Hardcore and Emo and topping it off with socially and politically focused yet deeply personal lyrics, Blendof have created a sound for themselves that arguably fits under a wide collection of punk sub genres and is always performed with "a shitload of passion"!

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500 x black vinyl incl. download code