LARKHILL (Brighton/UK)

Larkhill (previously Grayscale) formed in 2014. As an effect of Seasonal Affective Disorder, too much whisky, too many broken dreams or too many continuous late night sing-alongs an Emotional-Punk band was born and has continued to evolve since.
Larkhill have been honing their skills tirelessly since then, releasing three very short D.I.Y EP's and a bunch of Demo's, supporting artists such as Superheaven, Creeper, Prawn, Great Cynics & Astpai plus continuously looking for opportunities to grow their fan base.
Combining catchy as hell choruses mixed perfectly with sad, self-deprecating lyrics inspired by lead singer/guitarist Miz's complicated past, to create a unique and powerful band.

H_NGM_N (Brighton/UK)

H_ngm_n are Brighton based James Martin & Chris Childs, who come together with their catchy emo punk tunes. Just guitar, drums & vocals, they bring pop hooks to sad tunes. Thunderous drums & scrappy riff-riddled guitar, with upbeat melodies taking on some of the darker sides of life, H_ngm_n give you a reason to smile while you can still be a little sad inside.

Pressing Information


100 x yellow vinyl (only available via NO PANIC! Records)
100 x blue vinyl (only available via LOCAL COLOUR RECORDS)
100 x clear with blue and yellow splatter (only available via NO PANIC! Records)

This is a pre-order item and won't ship till the 24th of June 2016.