DUCKING PUNCHES - dance before you sleep


Folk punk born out of the embers of old bands, It started as a necessity. Losing a band and having that sinking feeling that you won’t be playing music for a while just wasn’t an option. Henceforth, Ducking Punches! Now with a full band lineup featuring members of Manbearpig, Bad Ideas, Darkened Dials and Other Half. The brand new full length album 'Dance Before You sleep' is out as CD & LP since May 2015.

In an ever growing scene, Ducking Punches stand proud in the arguably convoluted sea of punks with acoustics.

Pressing information:

1st press:
10 x test press
200 x black vinyl
150 x black with gold haze vinyl
100 x gold vinyl
50 x screenprinted cover (fairtrademerch) with black vinyl - handnumbered
2 x screenprinted cover (fairtrademerch) with gold vinyl - handnumbered
2 x screenprinted cover (fairtrademerch) with haze vinyl - handnumbered

2nd press:
100 x grimace purple with silver dust
100 x clear with black splatter
100 x half bone / half black