RED CAR BURNS - red car burns NPR054

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The RED CAR BURNS have been growing their sound from the Genitalzs experience, that had been on the scene since several years. The Genitalz were born in 1998, they had changed their members several times, had released a punk rock style demo and definitely had grown stronger after issuing the 7 called Defroid 84 in 2000. The first switch in their sound was created by a new drummer who would define the style of the group, stretching them toward new sounds. Finally the Genitalz released their new CD, recorded for the Decibel Records in 2001. the album is formed from 8 brand-new tracks and a cover of The Smiths. A track from this work was listed in the sampler of Speciale Punk of Rock Sound (a national music magazine) and then several concerts were made in clubs and squat houses all around Italy. Some great gigs are to be mentioned: at the Pac Paciana in Bergamo with the Lonely Kings, at Leoncavallo in Milan and at Pirateria di Porto in Rome with the Digger, at the Mattone Rosso in Vercelli with the Aurora, at Subbuglio in Alessandria with the Eastfield, at the Circolo Giovanile in Appiano (Bolzano) with the Append:x, at the Sga in Arese with the Always Out Numbered, at Lodi with Useless I.D., and many more that we wont mention because of huge neuronal crisis. From 2001 on, the Genitalz also took part in several compilations, such as: Punkina Skassata 2000 and 2001 with opening concerts at the Rainbow in Milan; Riot Records with an opening concert at the Rainbow in Milan. Soniche Avventure vol. 2 issued by the Fridge Records and Punkadeka the compilation vol. 1. In 2002 three of the members of the Genitalz (Mone, Buba and Carlo) together with two friends of them (Pez and Piordo) created a side project called Reverend Judge and recorded a CD (never released) of Indie-Pop sounds (Promise Ring, Braid).

In 2003 the Genitalz locked themselves in their junky rehearsal room in San Colombano al Lambro (MI) and began to write tracks for their new album, which will be out in Autumn 2004 for the Nh-n Records. Since the first listening to their new job The Genitalz finally realized their great potentiality and decided to change their name in Red Car Burns, which doesnt tag their new sound. Their new CD is formed from 11 tracks influenced by some post punk bands from America, such as Hot Water Music, Face to Face and Samiam. Two tours around the Europe in the 2005, another tour around the Europe in the 2006.