NOTHING GOLD CAN STAY - talking to the wall


Modern hardcore from Vienna/Austria. The EP 'talking to the wall' was released by NO PANIC! Records in 2005 and is a masterpiece of European modern hardcore. The EP was released while NOTHING GOLD CAN STAY were on European tour together with HAVE HEART. For fans of BANE or COMEBACK KID.

1. talking to the wall
2. chains about the break
3. high horses never go riderless
4. suicide pays my bills
5. faith keeper
6. the game

pressing information:
2 x test press
500 x light blue vinyl
500 x CD



GOLD KIDS saw the light at the beginning of 2006 in the city of Cagliari, Italy. The main goal of this band was, and still is giving a voice to all those personal regrets and anger that had needed to be released. Life in our island isn’t easy due to the vast distance between the mainland and us. We are far from the many influential music scenes, in which we have to cross the ocean to reach.

1. a few words before you're gone
2. sundays of regrets
3. desperate souls
4. I went to rome to know the end of...
5. all those nice dreams

pressing information:
500 x CD

CRIME IN STEREO - the contract 7"


CRIME IN STEREO - melodic hardcore punk from New York/US. They started in 2002 with the typically Long Island sound and came to an end in 2010. For the last releases they found a home at BRIDGE9 Records. For fans of Lifetime, Brand New or Kid Dynamite.

pressing information:
50 x 7" Releases Party - red vinyl with showflyer as the cover
200 x red vinyl 'touredition' - handstamped
275 x red vinyl

THIS IS HELL - demo 7"


THIS IS HELL is a hardcore band from Long Island, New York/USA. They started in 2004 with members of SCRAPS & HEART ATTACK and THE BACKUP PLAN. Right after they started TIH recorded their first demo which was released by NO PANIC! Records in Europe.

pressing information:
500 x black vinyl - european tour edition 'handstamped'
300 x grey marble vinyl



Formed in fall 2001 EYELESS VIEW played the first shows in spring 2002. At this time the 5 guys played metal influenced HC. After some releases & tons of shows the sound changed more into melodic old school HC mixed with punkrock and emo. After almost 150 shows in 2,5 years and 3 european tours together with our friends in NAIL, COMECLOSER, STRENGTH APPROACH & SUMMER LEAGUE we came to an end in 2004. Some of us go on in new projects and bands like BURY MY SINS, COMECLOSER, PESSIMISTIC LINES, EMPOWERMENT...

SUMMER LEAGUE - positive old school hardcore from Bologna/Italy for fans of YOUTH OF TODAY, GORILLA BISCUITS or SHELTER.